News Letter Fall 2011




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News Letter Fall 2011


Grass Clippings and Gutter Debris

Please Read the Attached Memo from Kent Conservation.   Last summer, we complimented the residents of BV for doing a good job with keeping the grass clippings out of the street.   However, this year, many residents aren’t doing a good job of sweeping and/or blowing back their clippings.  With each lot being about 75 ft wide, if multiple residents don’t remove the clippings, it creates a mess and looks really bad.   The Board also had some issues with the owner of the property that is directly in front of BV concerning clippings in the street, but that issue has been resolved.  We have also applied weed killer to both sides of Cathleen Drive at the entrance way to BV and we will soon remove the unsightly mess.  We are asking ALL residents to make a better effort with the grass clippings and for everyone to try to sweep sediment out of the gutters at least twice a year.  Let’s keep BV a clean and nice place to live before this mess gets worse.


Trash Containers

We have had a few complaints from residents that home owners are not removing their containers from the streets for days, and this too makes BV look messy.


Replacing Shrubs and Markers

We will be replacing bushes and markers on common property in the next few weeks or so. WE NEED HELP. If we can get a few of you to volunteer for a few hours on a Saturday morning, it would be great. Please get involved because the same people are always doing it all.  Call or contact us via email.



We had our best year for collection ever. There were 4 residents who were processed through the JP Court and all have paid. We still have 2 residents with liens on their home who are in arrears with past dues.


Upcoming Winter Season

As we do every year, we ask you to remove your vehicles from the street in the event of snow. Do NOT call us if your vehicle gets plowed in.   Our priority for plowing is to clear the street for emergency vehicles and NOT to clear your driveway or mailbox.



This past year the board reviewed the outlay of money for the pond maintenance. It was getting high, and we did not like some of the service that was being provided. We have hired a new contractor who meets all the requirements set for by DNREC and Kent Conservation to maintain our pond. We are expecting a nice savings in cost as well.