News Letter Oct 2010


  Burtonwoodvillage Maintenance Corporation 

Post Office Box 446

Smyrna DE  19977




Pres    Jim Sbarra                         Directors        Margaret McNeil

VP      Blaine Schrader                                       Lillian Reynolds           

Sec     Bonnie Schrader                                       Judy Sbarra                               

Treas  Lourdes Williams                                                                                

October,  2010




Your ballot for nomination of officers is enclosed with this newsletter. Let 2010 be the year you get involved with the BV community. “Don’t have the time” you say?  Your president works three days per week, is active with the American Legion and mentors a boy at Caesar Rodney High School.  Your Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and two Board members all work full time jobs.  Have they been getting involved?  Yes.  Some people on our Board have been involved for three to five years and have been doing all the work for our community with little help from the rest of you.  You all live in Burtonwood, so get involved.  Someday there may not be a Board, (for lack of involvement) and you will be faced with an outside management company.  You can bet your dues will increase for sure, big time. 

We are currently looking for a road and grounds chairperson and committee people as well.




Blaine Schrader and I have replaced bushes near the entrance signs.  Also we planted eight miniature scrubs on Brian and Mary Ella Drive.   They were placed there so you can clearly know where the entrance way is to the open space near the Pond and common area.  This helps you for recreational walking and also helps our landscaper. 


Blaine has informed me that we have big rocks (rip-rap) thrown into the Pond.  This was apparently done this past winter when kids wanted to try and break the ice.  This now needs to be repaired and will done by our pond service company, at a cost to us all. Please tell your children not to throw any debris or rocks into the water.




Last year we had a record breaking 60 + inches of snow.  We did the best we could.  For the most part we dealt with a very bad situation.  This year our responsibly will be to make sure the streets are cleared for emergency vehicles to pass.  This does not include your mailboxes or your driveway.  If the amount of snow fall is significant we will do our best to clear the snow as close to your property as possible.  Please keep in mind that the first ten feet from the curb on your property can be used for possible dumping of snow. (Deldot right-of -way)





96% have paid dues for the year 2010.  We had nine residents who had to be processed through the Justice of The Peace Court for payments.  We won judgments in all nine cases.  Six of the nine have paid in full.  Three still have not paid for 2010 and from prior years as well.  These three residents will soon have liens placed on their properties, and will be billed for the all court cost as well.


Web Site


For those of you who have computer access, please register at our web site. www.burtonwoodvillage.com

When you register, you will have access to getting “email blasts”, which are important issues needing to be addressed, or alerts for you to be on guard for. You will also be able to see all the financials on the site. Other tabs will let you contact us for anything you need addressed, or need help on. Posted there is all bylaws, fence requirements, and deed restrictions.  If you have a business or service you run, let us know and you can have it posted for free. Use and enjoy this site, managed by Preston Williams at a nominal cost to us each year.


Let Us Know


The Board has no way of knowing what you would like us to do for the community as far as projects are concerned, or how we are doing as far as running your community. You can contact any Board member, or use the web site to let us know.


Annual Meeting


We will have a general meeting in December. Time and date will be distributed to you when the budget for 2011 is completed. Please make a good effort to attend.





Jim  Sbarra, Pres