News Letter Spring 2010

                                    Burtonwoodvillage Maintenance Corporation


Post Office Box 446

Smyrna DE  19977




Pres    Jim Sbarra                         Directors        Margaret McNeil

VP      Blaine Schrader                                       Lillian Reynolds           

Sec     Bonnie Schrader                                       Judy Sbarra                              

Treas  Lourdes Williams



The BV annual yard sale will be held on Saturday June 5th, from 8AM- 1PM. We will advertise this event in local papers.



Anjue Reuss  has agreed to attended meetings , and to try to establish this worthwhile program for our community. The last meeting was April 6, which she attended and we will have more on this in the future as she learns more.



The board has decided on a new policy for future snow removal. Snow plowing and removal is NOT a mandatory requirement based on our bylaws. BV is a participant in the DELDOT snow reimbursement program. This past year we spent $4530, and we were reimbursed $2593.30.

In the future we will maintain a 2 car path removal in extra heavy storms, and more width for smaller storms.  Our primary and only responsibility is to maintain a path for emergency service vehicles. We will not be responsible to clear your mailboxes or clear your driveway entrances. This was done as a courtesy in the past, and will not be done in future heavy storms.

Our secondary responsibility is to keep as many storm drains open as possible to avoid flooding in case of unexpected rain or snow melting. Take note, that Blaine Schrader marked all storm drains that we will try to keep open, and we purchased markers for each drain. We are asking residents who have fire hydrants on their property to keep a clear path open to these hydrants in case of need by the fire department.



Volunteers will be planting new bushes which we will purchase to beautify our entrance sign very shortly. We will also be placing flowers in our triangle. Please contact us if you would like to be part of this project.

We have authorized our landscaper to begin pruning all bushes and small trees on our common areas. This chore has never been done and these bushes and trees are in dire need of being spruced up.



We would like to thank all of you who have made a really good effort to sweep your property when cutting your lawns. We have noticed a marked improvement in this area, but there are still some who are still not complying. When you sweep the gutters and drive ways you help us all by not having the clippings enter our storm water management pond, which in turn saves money. Please help.






As of May 1, we have had 90 % of residents pay dues. We have sent dues notices to all and reminders to all who have not paid. We have indicated to all who do not pay, that we will pursue court action and that all court costs are to be paid by the delinquent payers as well as interest. We have begun to process such actions.



Anjue Reuss has asked us to put her telephone number in this newsletter. You can contact her at 653 1719. If you experienced a leaky basement or any water problems related to the snow storms or rains we had, please call her as she is interested to see if the builder can be at fault.



We ask that you secure the trash can lids in days when there are heavy winds. There have been many complaints of trash blowing from cans onto other people’s property. This makes for a sloppy looking neighborhood and highly unfair to those who maintain their properties in tip top shape. The same can be said for recycling containers. You can easily secure the lids with a bungee cord at a very small cost.



Although most of BV has been making a very good effort to recycle, there are many who are not doing so. If you do not know what goes in the blue cans simply look on the container and it will tell you. We need all to comply to help preserve present  landfills so that it will improve the future landscape for our children and grand children One thing for sure:   NO TRASH is allowed in recycling containers and the trash men will not pick it up





The Board of Directors, BV