News Letter Spring 2012






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Pres    Jim Sbarra                         Directors        Margaret McNeil

VP      Blaine Schrader                                       Lillian Reynolds           

Sec     Bonnie Schrader                                       Judy Sbarra                               

Treas  Charlotte Costello                                    Joan Parks


Spring of 2012



 Here we go again. You all received annual dues notices and second notices as well. We have about 30% who still haven’t paid. You all know the drill by now. We will not hesitate to process a claim against you at the JP Court, (you will be responsible for all court costs and fees as well) if we don’t hear from you by phone, mail, or email. We are willing to work with anyone that needs help in paying.


Annual Yard Sale

The board has decided to move up the date of our annual yard sale to April 28. Rain date will be April 29.  This was done in order to get the jump on other communities who usually do it in May or June. We will see how it works out, and if it is a poor turnout, we may not have it at all in the future.


Resident Complaints

We have received complaints that there are still residents letting their dogs run free to go where ever they please. This is a definite violation Kent County Regulations. Dogs have been reported to poop and urinate all over people’s lawns, mail boxes etc. This is really not what anyone wants for BV. In addition there are also dogs left to bark for long periods of time. When there are back to back yards, or anywhere else, this can be very annoying to all. PLEASE make an effort to keep your dog leashed and pick up the waste left behind. I am sure you would not like this to happen on your lawn, would you?


Recycling and Yard Waste 

The yard waste program will be resuming April 2. For those of you who like to garden, I think most agree this program is a good one. I would shudder to think of carrying our yard waste to the dump and paying by the pound for it.

We have noticed that lots of our residents are still not par-taking in the recycling program here in BV.  This program is designed to keep recyclable materials out of the landfills. By doing this it will save us all money so that new sites would have to be found. It also ensures a much better environment for our kids and grandkids.  You all have seen products made from this material as well. There is also an added plus, in that your regular trash container will have so much more room in it for trash.



The Board